Viddyoze Review

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Last minute Viddyoze Review notes:

  • For color selection the Viddyoze developers will add the option to also enter the HEX color codes directly. Great 🙂 Selecting black and grayscale colors may be added as well.
  • Color of the logo in some logo stinner templates (i.e. Plasma 2) ise set to white, to make sure the text is readable on the gray background. They may add a color selection for the background and preserve the logo color.
  • When text can be entered into the animation, the application will perform a real-time text length validation to make sure of the text length fits correctly into the rendered video, or adapt the text size to make it fit into the design.

Viddyoze Review Summary

Overall evaluation:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (4,5 out of 5)

Viddyoze PRO

Viddyoze CONTRA

  • Viddyoze is so easy to use that even my 80-year-old father could create a stunning video element.
  • The quality of the available templates is outstanding.
  • Cloud-based, no local install required.
  • Diverse download formats
  • The generated videos have a surprisingly light weight (ie. a logo animation is only 2.6MB and a quite complex outro little more than 6 MB.
  • Very low investment during launch days.
  • The number of templates available (30) in the base configuration could be higher, especially in the transition section  (1 only!) The guys may add some more before launch date.
  • After launch it will be  be pretty expensive, especially the template club.
  • Currently there is no option to add an audio, but I was told that this will be added soon.
  • There is really little negative to say, other than some minor glitches still present in the software.

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See below some general information on Viddyoze
(from Viddyoze, not me)


For The First Time Ever…

Create Professional 3D Video Animations

….With The Click Of A Mouse

Up until now, creating animations for your videos was only possible with expensive software, or hiring superstar animators. Viddyoze changes everything and allows anybody to create powerful animations for their videos with the click of a mouse.

See this composition of the sales videos I’ve put together for this Viddyoze Review.

TRANSCRIPTION for this Viddyoze Review

Hey guys,  this Joe Xoto here. Over the past year, David Chamberlain & Jamie Garside and myselfv have bee workign on what I believe is  the most challenging and largest project we’ve collectively worked on today. And today we all want to share with you and the rest of the world. Look like nothing you’ve seen before. We’re gonna take you on a journey and show you what we believe to be the most exciting product of the year. So sit back relax and enjoy the journey. Let’s go…

I’ve been in the video space for quite some time now, and when I look back over the years one of the big contributing factors too much success as being the branding that I’ve used in my business.

Now when I talk about branding, what I mean it’s things like logos thing is lower thirds using call actions and local reviews and that kind of things inside of my videos.

And I’m sure a lot of people would love to have those kind of custom automation inside of their video to stand out, but right now there’s really two ways to do it; you can either go on to videohide and template and then get somebody in private to basically get the job done; or you could also outsource it to an animator, which we all know can be very, very expensive, especially for high end animation work.

Up until now those were the only two options available, and that’s when David, Jamie and myself came together. We wanted to not only just create a product, we wanted to build a platform that was gonna make this entire process much easier for the customer, and that’s why we created Viddyoze.

Viddyoze is an incredible web based software platform that creates incredible animated video intros, outros, Segueways, call to actions and much more.

Our powerful backend technology allows the user to sign in, choose from a number of templates, and within a few minutes they can click a few buttons and have high-quality sequences to place inside their own videos.

Once the user decides what kind of animation they want to create, they can customize it with just a few clicks of the mouse; change colors, change the logo, change the branding; pretty much change anything you want.

This is going to be a game changer, simply because it makes the process of creating these elements it much easier and quicker than what people have to deal with it right now.

As somebody that’s been creating videos for more than 10 years now, I feel that this is something really been missing from our industry; a seriously low-cost, simple and completely automated way to create intros, outros and other branding elements for your videos.

Gone are the days where you’ve been relying on overpriced animators and outsourcers and oversaturated five gigs. Viddyoze is going to change the way people are branding their videos online.

What we’ve created here is special, very special. It’s not often a product comes along like this in this space of this magnitude. It’s a product that customers will use over and over again, not just once. And again, we cannot wait to bring this to you.

We all feel that this is one of the strongest platforms that we’ve worked not only in terms on development but in user experience and design and the work we put into that, does take this to the next level. And we can’t wait to unveil it, and hopefully change the way people use video sequences, logos intros, Segueways and things like that online

Logo Stingers, Intros, Outros, Segueways… You Name It!

You do not want to miss this

 See more here…

With Viddyoze create your own logo and logo stinger animations, video intros and outros like the PRO’s with EASE. Viddyoze does all of the work for you. We are proud to introduce the first AUTOMATED 3D video animation platform on the planet

With viddyoze create any 3-D animation in minutes, right inside your browser

What you’re about to see is the biggest & most exciting product that Joey Xoto ever had the chance to be involved with, and after you see exactly what this can do for you), I know you’ll agree…

Viddyoze Logo & Intro Animations – Preview Video

TRANSCRIPTION for this Viddyoze Review

Hey there, Jamie here from Viddyoze. Now Viddyoze is a 3-D animation platform that allows you to animate logos, Segueways, pretty much anything to do with your videos.

Now, in this video today I want to focus on the logos. We all know how important logo intros are to make your videos look way more professional. And in this video today we want to show you howViddyoze can help you to do that. Let’s check it out.

Now, Viddyoze launches on September 29th. And local animation in itself is only a very small part of what Viddyoze actually does. It’s an amazing animation platform, and we can’t wait to show all the other parts to you.

Viddyoze  Outro Animations – Preview Video

TRANSCRIPTION for this Viddyoze Review

It’s David here from Viddyoze. Now Viddyoze is a 3-D animation platform that allows you to create local animations, Segueways, call to actions, intros, outros, you name it.

Now, the reason why those are important is, you want to add powerful call to actions to your videos right now, to improve conversions and get your customers to take the action you want themto take. Now, today I want to show you some of those outros, so you can actually see them for yourself. So without further ado, check these out.

Viddyoze goes live on September 29, but it’s much more than outros…

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See more here…

Joey Xoto has  teamed up with powerful software duo David Chamberlain & Jamie Garside to bring to the market the fastest 100% web based 3D animation platform called Viddyoze.

The IM community so far has been blown away by what they’ve seen…

Here’s what veteran marketer, Andrew Fletcher thought when they showed him Viddyoze:

Andy Fletchcher Viddyoze review
Viddyoze is a seriously ground breaking platform that not only your customers will love, but YOU will too. The guys built Viddyoze up to be a platform that they wanted to use themselves, and they’re incredibly excited about the potential this has for the business world.

Viddyoze is a powerful web based platform that allows users to quickly create intros, outros & other animated elements – right inside of their browser Joey Xoto.

That’s right, you can have a fully animated logo intro  (logo stinger, using your own logo), fully animated & rendered in the cloud

  • Without any software to install
  • No technical skills
  • No need to outsource anything – EVER

But logo intros or logo stingers is just the start… there’s more YOU can do with Viddyoze – MUCH more. Joey Xoto, David Chamberlain and Jamie Garside spent a lot of time, money & energy building Viddyoze into a tremendous platform And they assure you, Viddyoze is the highest quality product they’ve ever collectively built.

See this “simple” but powerful user interface

Viddyoze review + Viddyoze bonus interface capture

Viddyoze, a Sneak Demo Preview

THREE simple steps done in less than THREE minutes

1 – Select the type of video
2 –  Select colors or add text
3 – Click the build Video button…that’s it!

TRANSCRIPTION for this Viddyoze Review

Hey Jamie here from Viddyoze in this video.

I’m going to take you inside Viddyoze and show you how easy it is to build a couple of different animations with the platform. So if you just follow me a second and head over to my pc here and I’m gonna jump on.

So first thing to all cloud, so you can access this from anywhere you are on earth. All you need is an internet connection. Nothing to download so when do is login here to login now;

The first thing you gonna see as soon as you log in are your videos. So every single video you create every single animation is all gonna be kept in here within your Viddyoze account all time she can come in and download these whenever you need them.

So what we gonna do first is click on the create tab here, and then click on Create tab we’re going to come through to all of the different, different templates we can use to create our animation.

As you can see at the top we’ve got lots of different variations you can use, so wegot the the logo intros, got call to actions, we got miscellaneous template which have loads of really cool stuff in; some outros, and we also got  social template as well. So we’ve got different styles of animations you can create.

Now the one I’m gonna show you here is how easy it is to create an animated logo to take any logo you have and animate it within minutes within Viddyoze. So that’s what we’re going to do.

So we’re on the logo staying at top here, and as you can see we’ve got lots of different templates in here.  And just by holding your cursor over any of them you can see how they all work to see the different style of the animation, to essentially pick the one you want to use. Now use this one down here new, click on Create.

Now once we come through here we’ve got a few little things we need to fill in. So the first

thing is to name your animation so I’m just gonna name this your logo for this example. We are then gonna chose the logo you actually want to animate.

In this case I’m just gonna grab this logo here, grab the videos logo. We then move on to the coolest section which allows tochoose a color. Done! Then we click on Finish once you click on Finish here.

We then choose all the all of the different things popped in, so the name of the logo. Ee’ve got Viddyoze logo animate, and we just don’t click on build video. So once we click on build video we then go through to a screen “Your Video is Baking”.

So what’s happening now is Viddyoze is going to work for you. That’s all you need to do Viddyoze is now going to fully render that animation for you, and once it’s fully rendered, it’s going to appear in the my videos section that we saw earlier.

So what you can see on screen here now, it’s rendering, life! So is going to go through to a hundred percent. Now this can take a few minutes depending, on how big the animation is.

What you’re trying animate, but I can see on screen here is working really fast and doing all of the work for you.

Ok, so we’re a hundred percent done now, so that local has been animated. So let’s check it out we head back over to my movies, or my videos and we see it here. So all we need to do is literally download.

Ok, so it’s downloaded. Let’s check it out. That’s how easy it is to create a local animation from scratch with a few clicks that anybody can do.

Viddyoze isn’t just about logo animation and logo stingers; in fact, Viddyoze it is also about animating all the types of outros, intros, and what I want to do now is show you an animation, or create an animation for an outro as well. We all know how important outros are for videos and call to actions.

So let’s check out how easy they are to create in Viddyoze as well. So we click on the create tab again, and this time when we come over to outros, and going to choose to create this one here. All we do is name the outro I should name this new outro

Again our video is baking. So Viddyoze is going to work again. This time it is going to create an animated text outro for use at the end of your videos, to help with the increase in subscribers, call to actions and whatever you want to use it for.

So once it’s finished rendering the actual animation, as it’s just done now, we can simply download it and check it out. So let’s download it, and let’s check it out here.  So here we go! 

As you can see awesome little outro animation here. There’s a first text going through the next text, now subscribe below now, and then lastly, just taking things really polite, we’ve got a nice little thank you.

So that’s how easy it is to anime anything inside Viddyoze, outros, intros, logos, stingers logo reveals, miscellaneous stuff; we got social stuff in there as well.

As you can see this is built for absolutely anyone to use regardless of your technical ability. Right now all built in the cloud you to log in click a few buttons, put your text or whatever you want to animate in there, and Viddyoze does the work for you.

This is something you will truly be excited about – and something that not only they, but we as vendors (including myself  – André W. Klein) will be using for our web videos; Viddyoze!

If there’s one product that you simply cannot miss this year, it’s Viddyoze.

Viddyoze has already caught attention from marketplaces outside of the internet Marketing world, along with high level entrepreneurs who have already asked to use Viddyoze for their own business.

Viddyoze is a real game changer and disrupts the hyper profitable animation industry in a big way.

Dont fortget! During the few lauchdays these guys will be offering Viddyoze at a 80% discount!  But don’t wait, as the  Viddyoze  discount won’t last long. 

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