Viddyoze 2.0 Review

Viddyoze 2.0, the webs first automated DYNAMIC animation creator!

You might have heard of Viddyoze. About 9 months ago, they turned up out of the blue and set the video animation world on FIRE. Suddenly, you didn’t need After Effects to make slick and sexy video animations any more.

Other people have copied the idea since then. But none of them had the sheer firepower that Viddyoze offers.

And now, they’ve updated Viddyoze with even more incredible effects and templates. And for the next few days, you can get a Viddyoze 2.0 lifetime license (be warned, there’s a catch).

Right now, over 6000 people use Viddyoze for their animations. But let’s be clear. Viddyoze isn’t about making videos. It’s about making your videos look INCREDIBLE.

You get access to a huge set of beautiful templates. All you do is upload your logo or text, and Viddyoze makes an animation you can add into any video you like.

And that means for pretty much any video, you’ve got instant access to more attention, better engagement and higher conversions.

Here’s the good news.

Viddyoze 2.0 is usually a subscription, but right now, you can get access for a one-time price. The bad news – and here’s the catch – is that this is the last time this will ever happen.

So if you want to join 6000 other people making their videos look amazing, you’d best check Viddyoze 2.0 out now

Vddyoze 2.0, the webs first automated DYNAMIC animation creator!

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1 – Create Professional 3D Video Animations With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

Create Professional 3D Video Animations With A Few Clicks Of Your MouseUp until now, creating animations for your videos was only possible with expensive software, or hiring superstar animators. Viddyoze changes everything and allows anybody to create powerful animations for their videos with the click of a mouse.

2 – Templates Galore! From Logo Stingers, Transitions, Call To Actions & Much More…

emplates Galore From Logo Stingers, Transitions, Call To Actions & Much MoreCreate your own logo animations, intros and outros like a pro animator with EASE. Viddyoze does all of the work for you… Simply choose your template, customise it and hit “Build”… You’ll have your animation within minutes… No tech skills needed.

3 – Overhauled With New Technology, Templates & More!

Overhauled With New Technology, Templates & MoreSince launching in September 2015, we’ve improved Viddyoze by leaps an bounds. A completely new UI, tons of new templates and advancements in our animation technology have allowed us to create hyper professional animations, whilst maintaining the simplicity for your customers!

4 – New Alpha Technology

Viddyoze with New Alpha TechnologyViddyoze 2.0 introduces something that’s never been done before; 1 click alpha animations… That means transparent lower thirds and on screen video call outs that can be placed on top of videos! These are totally customizable and able to be created by anybody that can click their mouse!

Seems like Viddyoze is being pretty popular.

I know that, because after my last e-mail I got a load of questions asking why I thought this version of Viddyoze was so much better than the last one.

One word:  ALPHA.

The Viddyoze team have added a lot of improvements this time round; 3D templates.  Textures.  Movie filters. You can do more with it than any other animation platform this side of After Effects.

But the new alpha technology is what’s really special. Alpha basically means transparency. So you get to overlay effects while your video is playing in the background.

You’re probably familiar with lower-third bars, where you can have a name appear below the speaker, CNN-style?

That’s a basic use of alpha technology. But Viddyoze goes so much further. They’ve created some templates using this that need to be seen to be believed.

This is where video animation is going. Logo stings are great, but this is next-level stuff. Other video animation platforms simply cannot do this.  It’s a Viddyoze 2.0 exclusive.

Try Viddyoze 2.0 out, and you (and your clients) are going to be amazed. But remember – this is usually subscription-level tech.

For the next few days only, you can get Viddyoze 2.0 for a single price, and it’s less than it usually costs for just a month.

Don’t wait! See more and grab your lifetime licence at a one time-price here, before it’s gone…

Viddyoze Has Been Totally Revamped With
Brand New  Features That You Will Love!

See Viddyoze 2.0 In ActionSee Viddyoze 2.0 In Action
Check Out These Incredible New Animations

Get the Viddyoze 2.0 DISCOUNT and My Viddyoze 2.0 BONUS now…

We all know that video is the key to success online. But here’s the problem: so does everyone else. 400 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute.


With that kind of competition, you need to stand out.  And that’s why you need Viddyoze. Viddyoze lets you make animations for your videos that make EVERYONE sit up and take notice.

And not just any animations. Viddyoze animations are the most advanced on the market. They’ve got better templates and better effects than anyone else. See some more examples of Viddyoze 2.0 video animations…

With Viddyoze, you won’t be ‘recording videos’ any more.  You’ll be making works of art. People will pay $80-150 a time for on single animation like this on places like Upwork and Freelancer. You can even make decent money on Fiverr with them.

When it’s $67 for a Commercial licence, that’s kind of a no-brainer. But In a couple of days, it’ll have gone back to the usual price of $197/month.

UPDATE Feb: 2017

I recently got a message from someone who had mixed me up with the Viddyoze creators (I’m simply an affiliate that gets his share for each sale generated through this site) with the following question:

After seeing your offer on Facebook, I became interested about Viddyoze, but have some questions.

  1. All I’m doing is making DIY videos. I’m not selling anything to anybody. Does this qualify for the personal license?
  2. After reading through the page, somewhere in the lower half, it said something about only having access to 70 templates. The business license says unlimited access. Can you explain more clearly what I would get if I go with the business license?

My concern is, with access to only 70 templates, many of them possibly not fitting my DIY channel geared towards moms who aren’t into gaming action type videos, how much am I getting out of the service before I’m repeating the same styles over and over again? Thank you for your time.That is a good question, and I thought I add it to my review.

Here is my reply:

Hi Bradley,

Before Viddyoze was closed, which is why I did not reply, but they have opened up the doors again for a very limited time and with the same pricing  and conditions when the launched Viddyoze version 2. So I thought I let you know how to get in through the backdoor.

With Viddyoze you get access to the editing and video generation to platform with access to now 80 templates for a one-time payment (unlimited access). 

The only difference between the Viddyoze 2.0 personal and commercial license is the with commercial you have unlimited numbers of video renderings and can sell the videos or videos you have Viddyoze animations include to your customers. Here is an image that explains it best:

Viddyoze 2.0. personal versus commercial license

Once you have purchased any of the licenses you will be offered a number of Viddyoze order customization options:

  1. A package of more videos offered (as far as I recall it were another 30 videos)
  2. The option to access Viddyoze Template Club, which you can cancel any time, and gives you access to 10 new videos every month. I had been paying for the Template Club for a long time, but now I have a huge collection. Here is a capture of my last invoice from July 2016, together with a list of the previous invoices in my inbox (the rest have been archived): 
  3. There are a few more order customization options, one of which is an advanced Video creation training, but I don’t recall the rest, and those may have changed, but option 1 and 2 will still be there.

Here you can get Viddyoze 2.0 BACKDOOR access, you can’t see on the main site, or you may also first want to have a have a look  my Viddyoze Bonus that nicely complements Viddyoze 2.0 .

I hope this helps 🙂
Kind regards,
André Klein

So it’s really worth looking at this right now. So if you want to join 6000 other people making their videos look amazing,… you’d best check Viddyoze 2.0 out now

Get the Viddyoze 2.0 DISCOUNT and My Viddyoze 2.0 BONUS now…